We have lots of happy families! Below are some comments from parents past and present.

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'Head to Toe in Addis Ababa was an incredible place for my daughter to go to school. I loved that she was challenged to learn and think but in ways that were incredibly fun and exciting for her. She loved her art classes and was able to be so creative. The staff made her feel so loved and accepted and I was so impressed with how after just a week of her being there, everyone there knew her name and all about her. Jane and Teddy run an amazing school. They have high standards and it shows, not only in the outward appearances, such as, clean, bright, cheerful environments, but also in the level of learning taking place behind the scenes. They also invest a great deal into the faculty through teacher workshops and other trainings so that the kids are getting highly trained teachers who are challenged to be the best they can be. My daughter had such a great experience at Head to Toe and loved her time there. I think the best thing you can say about a school is that your kid loves to go every morning!

I would recommend Head to Toe without any reservations to anyone looking for a great school and a great school community. Thank you Jane and Teddy for making this available to parents here in Addis!!'

--Al and Melissa King

'Pascal learned his most important life lessons at Head to Toe; Sharing is caring; skipping helps you get places quicker and working together helps you get a lot done!'

--Joanne King

'Our son Erik attended Head to Toe from the age of 9 mo. to 26 mo. Erik enjoyed it and developed a lot at Head to Toe. Every day he seemed to bring home something, a new skill, a new word, a new ability. As we’re leaving Addis now, one of the very few things we’re gonna miss is Head to Toe. My sincere appreciation, Jane and Teddy, for your committment and dedication. To you Head to Toe is certainly not only an “enterprise” that you are running, but a “life’s project”. This also inspires your team.
A big “thumbs up”, and I hope that your (now extended) project will continue to “fly”!'

--Alfred and Asel Hasenoehrl

'As a qualified primary school teacher I was very impressed by the curriculum at Head to Toe. I was looking for a pre-school where my children would have fun but that also challenge them in a variety of curricular areas.'

'Maisa has joined HTT in September 2011. She joined the Transitional Toddler group. I can easily tell that she spends a great time there; not only playing and having fun (which is very important) but also learning lots of things. I am often impressed with her coming to tell me something knew that she learned at school:) A wonderful school and dedicated staff!!! We will miss you a lot.'

"At our last teachers - parent conference my wife and I listened to our son's teachers describe him to a tee... The staff truly pay attention to the needs of the children; that gives us great peace of mind."

--Nicholas Benequista - father of two H2T children, May 2015.

"This will be our Family's 3rd year at H2T and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the school, the loving teachers, friendly staff and the warm and nurturing environment. We have been to other facilities and feel this is the very best one... We love H2T and highly recommned it to anyone searching for a wonderul preschool and small kindergarten in Addis Ababa." H.B. Parent of two August 2015

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