OUR CURRICULUM 4.5 - 5 years


1)  our groups are based on developmental levels of students ages  - 24 months, 24 - 30 months, 30 - 36 months, 3 - 3 1/2 years, 31/2 - 4 years, 4 - 4 1/2 years, 4 1/2 - 5 years, 5 - 7 year


2) the compound has 12 indoor rooms and a large garden space  for students' small group explorations and for them to plan and create work time areas for our school wide explorations


3) A library with over 1,000 books for students to explore and check out


4)  a Reggio Emilia atelier in which students are lead by a artist to research methods of art, famous artists and styles, various use of art tools and materials and facilitated in bringing their creative ideas to a completed project which is displayed with respect art deserves


5) students are fully engaged in materials and activities and are given the freedom to explore them as they choose.  Our staff ratio is 1:4, 1:5 and 1:6 so that our qualified and trained staff can observe, introduce new concepts, support, and challenge all students at their own developmental level


6)  the director/owner is an Early Childhood Specialist who designed of the physical school, programs, curriculum and training of staff 


7)  our curriculum is a combination of two internationally respected methodologies - Reggio Emilia and HighScope


8)  our lead teachers are Ethiopians and Foreigners who are fluent in both written and spoken English


9)  all families receive weekly emails of the activities for the upcoming week and anecdotes from each student in the group, as well as a weekly email from the director with upcoming events, important dates, and any other administrative information


10)  at the end of the year each family is receives a flash drive of photos taken over the year and may also request a slideshow portfolio of their child's growth and development over the year


11)  every decision, activity, program, learning area and choice of materials is thoughtfully and purposefully chosen for the benefit of the students


12)  several times during the year the school offers social events for families, parents and students


13)  we are the only Early Learning Center in Ethiopia and the only program run by an Early Childhood Specialist


14)  we are the only school for students ages 6 months - Grade 1 so that children and their siblings may continue with us for the duration of the families posting in Addis


15)  the difference between us and other choices in Addis is that we are not a playgroup, daycare or nursery, but the only place where students actively play, laugh, learn, and grow so that they can naturally develop at their individual pace in each of 6 curricular areas


16)  our mission is to provide an international standard Early Learning Center that serves not only our families, but the larger Addis community


17)  we are the only Early Childhood Center with security provided, supported  and approved by the US Embassy


18)  located in the center of Addis - 15-20 minute drive from Old Airport/ and Bole Road


19)  for the convenience of our families, our school calendar is based on ICS's


20)  in respect of families work schedules we make every attempt to plan conferences and other events on Saturdays

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